New Beginnings

In simple terms, I didn’t particularly like how I ended up starting posting on The Problematic My 2 Cents, so this post centers on some rather key points that probably should be expressed first:
I care more about the catalysts of policy’s; than, I do either the empty promises aka rhetoric or antics promoting or otherwise discouraging policies. These catalysts should tell you everything that you could want to know about a particular candidate, political ideology, or otherwise view of government and governance:
-Progressivism is centrally an advocacy for Big Government.
-Big Government cannot exist without either public-private partnerships or public-private mergers.
-Socialism has been an advocacy for public-private partnerships since Otto Von Bismark tied them to his Bismarkian Policies as the catalyst for in today’s terms wealth effect and wealth redistribution.
-Public-Private Partnerships are also the foundation of Kleptocracy who aspires for becoming a Plutocracy requiring public-private mergers.
-Otto Von Bismark aspired to achieve Absolute Authority, and he tied Bismarkian Policies to achieve just that but ultimately failed in his life time. It wasn’t until the rise of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi regime who utilized Bismark’s structure in the aftermath of the Wiemar Agreement to install Nazi’s public-private mergers placing Government-Corporation public-private mergers towards the top of the power-structure hierarchy.
-The Wiemar Agreement was established as the World War I reparations made Bismarkian Policies completely unsustainable leading to the German ‘politicians’ to attempt to either payoff the war reparations with extremely debased currency units or have the allies repudiate the debt neither of which occurred forcing the debt to become monetized leading to Hyperinflation and Bismarkian Policies utilized in determining the Nazi Final Solution.
-Bismarkianism is a political ideology that aspires for Absolute Authority requiring Big Government through Bismarkian Policies in order to achieve it. Big Government cannot exist without governmental fiefdoms (Oligarchy), public-private partnerships (Kleptocracy), or public-private mergers (Plutocracy).
– Fascism is right-wing national socialism, Communitarianism is moderate-center national socialism, and Communism is left-wing national socialism. Recall, national socialism is an advocacy for public-private mergers that are the foundation of Plutocracy as the enhancement catalyst of wealth effect and wealth redistribution.
-Past Precedent is the catalyst of Living Document.
-Redefining or otherwise changing word’s meanings is the catalyst of both Living Language and Political Correctness.
-The US Constitution’s Founders repeatedly emphasized unalienable rights enshrined in the Bill of Rights is transcendent and therefore specifically defining them would ultimately restrict or otherwise limit unalienable rights.

If there’s anything, I’ve overlooked; I’ll contend with them in the article or article response in which reminded me of the term.


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