Grading Obama administration

As the Obama administration draws to a close beginning in January 2017 after the election in November 2016 concludes, this article focuses on the overall grade I’d give President Obama and his administration and why. I am compelled to give the Obama administration an F.

1). President Obama continued and expanded W. Bush’s policies particularly those after 9/11 that is strictly dependent on maintaining open border policies and reconciling security measures. The term is guilty until proven innocent.

2). Congress has done absolutely nothing from HW Bush, Clinton, W. Bush, and Obama administrations to enforce Constitutional Checks and balances. As Democracy promotes Parliamentary practices that makes the President control of Congress, this must be laid at the feet of the present administration as a result of political ideology jockeying that is not consistent with Constitutional checks and balances.

3). The wash right tactics, wrong war in Libya. This is the kinetic action aka aerial projection in aid of according to abroad outlets Al-Qaeda led anti-Gadaffi rebels utilizing US-NATO aerial support to institute a no-fly zone and thus protecting Al-Qaeda led rebel positions at the time of the UN Resolution and installing the no-fly zone was reduced to four pockets the largest of which was in Benghazi, Libya.

4). Legally arguing that Directives, Memorandums, Proclamations, and Authorities carry the same legal weight as Executive Orders.

5). Enabling-promoting Arabian Alliance regional ambitions as US Foreign policy that brings the US into direct conflict with both Russia and China who have formed pacts with Eastern Ukraine, Syria, Iran, Pakistan, and etc that is a conflict by the War College War-game scenarios is a lose-lose proposition. Epic Fail is the long and short of it.

6). After 30+ years of Progressive Government implementation, it has become common practice to blame the failures of Progressive Government policies resulting in wealth inequality, institutional racism, and imperialist trade agreements that ultimately benefit nation’s at the expense of the American populace in jobs, staples, and currency debasement.
Historically, these policies lead to economic disaster as Britain’s free trade knowingly resulted in the Potato Famine in Ireland and major conflict not far removed from leading into World War II the British Sterling was propped by spending future payments of war reparations installed on Germany after World War I that was amplified by the Wiemar Agreement.

‘Those who cannot accept history cannot learn from history’
‘Those who cannot learn from history are often doomed to repeat it’
‘Those who wish to make history often do so by repeating it.’


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