Electoral College-The Great Compromise

I remember attending US government courses at a community college in which the textbook was called ‘Approaching Democracy’. The long and short of it is; it focused on how US being a Indirect Democracy formerly known as a Representative Democracy aka Republic was transforming into a Direct Democracy. There has been much to do that has been garnered by the argument centering on the popular vote that as usual Progressives who aspire for Big Government formerly known as Bismarkianists, an political ideology who seeks to acquire Absolute Authority, promotes the Electoral College is an archaic/outdated institution under the basis; there is no Federal statute that either compels EC electors to vote based on the popular vote or otherwise vote as the popular vote of their State determined.

The Electoral College was formed as part of the Great Compromise that included the 2 Chambers of Congress being the House and the Senate in which each State’s number of electors are determined by that State’s House and Senate seats that are determined by the State. Now, why is this? The United States is so named for two primary reasons; each State including new ones under the basis of the equal power’s clause is an independent nation-state who delegates some State powers to the Federal aka central government, and it was meant to garner sympathies of the political-economic union of the ‘United Netherlands’ of the time between Belgium and Holland (today known as Netherlands). The purpose behind the Electoral College and House-Senate chambers of Congress was to prevent larger populated States from steamrolling legislative or presidential outcomes. In simple terms, California’s popular vote begins and ends in California just as it begins and ends for California’s Representatives of the House and Senate. It’s population size is then irrelevant to the popular vote of any other State.

Perhaps, the biggest irony is that California and Oregon have begun promoting secession since Trump won the popular vote of the majority of the other States; California only has this power to secede because it is an independent nation-state who delegated some of its powers to the Federal government. If it can grant it, it can take it away thus secession.

Perhaps, the biggest irony of all is that the Great Compromise was reached to avoid Founder’s North V British Loyalist South from polarizing into a major war that wouldn’t happen until the Civil War because first the election of Andrew Jackson caused the 1800s Democratic-Republican Party to decouple, and the Republican-Whig Alliance led to the election of Lincoln who was adamantly opposed to slavery being expanded westward by the very corridors opened as a result of the War of 1812 also known as the Second War for American Independence against the British-Native American alliance decisively winning the Battle of Detroit and New Orleans (Helped Jackson get elected).


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