My thoughts on President-Elect Trump’s picks

Provided, the EC doesn’t either vote against their State’s popular vote, or the recount forces those States to be unable to participate around December 17th and places the determination of President and Vice President to Congress. Many of Trump’s picks thus far signals to me that Trump is going to prove the ‘Fear Progressive Government with Trump at the helm’ negative rhetoric accurate:

-With Jeb Bush coming out in favor of term limits, it is a safe bet term limits will also extend the years of duration per term. For example, does term limits truly matter increasing the duration in total to be 24 years? It’s easy 2 terms of 12 years as a Senator, and 6 years per term for 4 terms for the House of Representatives. 2 X 12=24, 6 X 4=24.

-Deficit to debt spending already by old school measurements accounting for over 80% of GDP will be expanded.

-We might as well expect Russo-Sino’s military pacts being activated. There’s already a House and Senate versions that entail Military options in Syria with the purpose of ousting Assad aka regime change in violation of Responsibility To Protect, and the War College War-Game scenarios against Russia or China were bad enough Russo-Sino is a lose-lose proposition citing the unconventional warfare focus via the war on terror.
Translation, if the war is not regional and entails a decisive victory rapidly, the war does not go favorably to the US.Senate

-With Pence VP, McConnell remaining top Republican in the Senate, and Ryan Speaker of the House cupped with Trump’s cabinet picks, it is a safe bet with Progressive Republican control of legislative and presidential interests that most of Trump’s campaigning on big issues remain unchanged and set to worsen as if Clinton had won after all.
In other words, the US is already a socialist nation that is rapidly heading towards national socialism aka public-private mergers for enhanced wealth effect and wealth redistribution.
Trump looks like he’ll be a 1-termer.


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