Potential Catalysts to World War III

I’d wager most have grown concerned or otherwise disconcerted by recent domestic (US) and international affairs. The adages goes:
‘Those who cannot accept history cannot learn from history’.
‘Those who do not learn from history are often doomed to repeat it’
‘Those wishing to make history often make history by repeating it’.

The Arabian Alliance utilizes the OPEC Treaty to leverage US foreign policy in the Middle East that desires dominance of the Middle East requiring regime change or otherwise removing the obstacles: Israel, Iran, and Syria.

Russia shares one of the world’s longest borders with China who entered the Korean War as a direct result of US forces threatening to push North Korean into the Chinese borders fighting the Korean War into a stalemate resulting in the Korean truce between North and South Korea that exists today. Clearly, China is not going to support per say ‘regime change’ in Russia to oust Putin; this is beyond wishful thinking of the West if they aim to kick-start a second cold war.
It doesn’t help Russian and Chinese analysts believe the Soviet Union fell because:
-The US Dollar’s world’s reserve currency granted it the advantage of time.
-The Soviets failed to directly challenge the US as backing down in the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Under the basis, Russia and China have not only formed economic pacts beginning in 2009 targeting the US Dollar in denominated trade; they both possess military pact components that entails the ‘attack one, attack all’ component of NATO in style. NATO is an alliance pact expanding 3 continents, and Russo-Sino’s pacts in total expands another 3 resulting in war expanding 6 continents and a war expanding 3 or more continents is the generic definition of a World War.

The potential triggers for a third World War then are: Cuba, Arctic, Ukrainian-Crimea, Assad’s Syria, Iran, Pakistan, North Korea, South Sudan-Sudan, and other points.


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