What is Fascism?

Since Fascism is a major vocal point of protests being mobilized, it may be prudent to examine Fascism.

First, Fascism is a government-Corporate public-private merger; this alignment to merge is preceded by public-private mergers as: Government-Banking, Government-Agriculture, Government-Energy, Government-Medical, and then finally Government-Corporations.

Second, Fascism is right-wing national socialism as national socialism is the advocacy of enhanced and centralized public-private partnerships into public-private mergers that differs in power-structure hierarchy to Center-Moderate National Socialism Communitarianism and polar opposite of Left-Wing National Socialism Communism.

Third, it is the third stage of political ideologies as Bismarkianism, Leninist-Marxist Dialectic, and other Absolute Authority advocacy for Authoritarianism-Totalitarianism absent an Absolute Monarchy aka Royalty possessing Absolute Authority simply by born to rule or otherwise intellectual-physical superiority over others.

Fourth, Public-Private Mergers are the foundation of Plutocracy preceded by public-private partnerships foundation of Kleptocracy that is preceded by governmental fiefdoms foundation of Oligarchy.
Plutocracy=Royalty/Absolute Monarchy and survives long enough becomes an Aristocracy.

Fifth, the central freedom under such regimes is the freedom to obey orders if you’re only freedom is to obey orders; you have acquired equality. It’s classically argued as a ‘Greater Good’ or greatest good to the greatest number of people aka Utilitarian. It’s also classically ruled by psychopaths and sociopaths.


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