Civil Rights V Civil Privileges

This past election cycle has been interesting for more than a few reasons, but the most glaring falls under Civil Rights versus Civil Privileges. This post examines the differences with distinctions.

First, what is the difference with distinction of civil rights and civil privileges? The answer is that civil rights are unalienable meaning that they cannot be relinquished by vote, decree, ruling, or ordinance while civil privileges can be.

Second, Civil Rights is only compatible/inclusive in a society’s Justice System is Innocent Until Proven Guilty whereas Civil Privileges are only compatible/inclusive to a society’s Justice System is Guilty Until Proven Innocent.

Third, Civil Rights follows the individual is the owner of their own body, and their investment or otherwise property is an extension of their own body. Civil Privileges are centrally public or otherwise governmental property also referred to as human capital or resource.

While the items listed is not exhaustive, they make the central pillars of Civil Rights V Civil Privileges. Centrally, one either owns their individual body in which requires compensation of labor in wages or barter of compensation to invest in by extension of one’s own body property or individual’s don’t.


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