Tax reform, debt ceiling, and budget

In case, one hasn’t read over Trump’s budget proposal, you can find it here. While the various political ideology supporters surrounding the generalized left-center-right and Conservative-Moderate-Liberal respectively are appalled or elated in reference to Trump’s budget proposal; the political ideological battlefield surrounds tax reform, debt ceiling, and budget ultimately determine the path trend direction of […]


  This post centers on responding to a few posts that I noted in the Reader’s section of WordPress. What will become the Tipping Point? Part 2 The Trump Conundrum (or: The Tipping Point: Part 3) Where to begin… I guess the best place to start is where I am compelled to agree: “I keep […]

The status quo aka path trend ends badly

If the reader wants to skip the who, what, and why, the path trend ends in either War and Rationing or Severe Austerity. The purpose of this post is examining the interconnected catalysts of issues within the United States. 1). Governmental Fiefdoms is the foundation of Oligarchy, public-private partnerships is the foundation of Kleptocracy, and […]

Political Ideology

One of the things I’ve noticed is many posts that even examining political ideology centers on left-center-right, conservative-moderate-liberal/progressive, Hawk or Dove or pro-war or anti-war, and etc that overlooks, omits, or ignores political maneuvering for political expediency. The purpose of this article is an attempt to explain political ideology. Political Ideology is an Ideology based […]

Response to “The (Department of) State We’re In”

This post appears at It appears to be a guest/share post found at These posts are derived by Trump’s Budget Blueprint that Democrats and Republicans call DOA. The blueprint PDF The blueprint PDF is 62 pages long. At this site, the author only adds a few paragraphs to the original post     I […]

Trump Administration 3

Trump Administration part 1 can be found here that I focus on the blurring of domestic and international policies under national defense-security and national interests. Trump Administration part 2 can be found here that I focus on domestic policies as the budget, economy, reference globalization-global economy, inflation-deflation, rate hike, open border policies, and etc. In this article, […]

Trump Administration 2

In the first part found here, my focus was on the blurring of domestic and international affairs under national defense-security and national interests non-exhaustively. On the off chance, one is curious; the topic expands well beyond just examining the Trump administration to make an assessment, and there’s much more information available. For the purpose of […]

Trump administration Part 1

In very simple terms, I’m compelled to grade the Trump administration an F thus far as I did in assessing Obama’s 2-term Presidency here. If you have or haven’t read my “Grading Obama administration” post, this article requires additional posts that will also further explain my grading assessment of the Obama administration. This post’s focus […]

Repeal-Replace ACA

Well, I don’t think anyone examining policy actions and policy catalysts are very surprised given the history of Trump’s staff-cabinet picks as I discussed here. In short, I have very little doubts if passed; Trump will sign it as it supports picking his staff-cabinet. If you any given reader have doubts “Mr. Gottlieb, a […]

Response to “Are You a Collectivist?”

This is in response to an blog post article called “Are You a Collectivist?” “Permission is given to anyone who wants to repost articles from this blog, but please attribute it to me and provide a link to this blog. Thanks.” I have to hand it to the author for definitely presenting an article in […]