Repeal-Replace ACA

Well, I don’t think anyone examining policy actions and policy catalysts are very surprised given the history of Trump’s staff-cabinet picks as I discussed here. In short, I have very little doubts if passed; Trump will sign it as it supports picking his staff-cabinet.

If you any given reader have doubts
Mr. Gottlieb, a physician, is a partner in the venture capital firm New Enterprise Associates and serves as an adviser to several pharmaceutical companies.
“The House Ways and Means Committee and the Energy and Commerce committees approved the GOP health care overhaul plan this week, and Mr. Trump thanked the chairs of those panels for their “diligent work.””

As I pointed out here, the insurance industry is and of itself a created by law market. I’d be very interested in hearing how a governmental created market is magically determined by ‘free market’ forces in a ‘for profit’ Medical Industry that cornered the market.

Then, you have Ways and Means Committee buddy Ryan
“Ryan said the bill to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, is just the first in a series of legislative goals for Republicans that include confirming Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, increasing defense funding and passing tax reform and a budget.”

Charming isn’t it… You have Ryan a known Progressive Republican stating that ACA repeal-replace that is in fact an ACA ‘reform/tweak’ making it easier to transition into a single payer government-medical public-private merger backed by the President Trump and Vice President Pence who are stating to get to tax reform, revitalizing the US defenses, and etc require passage of Ryan’s bill…

If Ryan’s bill is any indication:
-Capital structure will not be prioritized.
-Deficit to debt spending will continue to rise.
-Purchasing power of wage will come closer to hitting a brick wall.
-As history states, shifting global balance of power is decisively determined by major conflict.

How can I come to that conclusion based on staff-cabinet picks and Ryan’s bill? Developing and promoting Aristocracy through developing towards public-private mergers requires destroying capital flight and preventing extreme populace discontent. Populace discontent can’t happen with tool’s utilized in Divide and Conquer.


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