Trump Administration 2

In the first part found here, my focus was on the blurring of domestic and international affairs under national defense-security and national interests non-exhaustively. On the off chance, one is curious; the topic expands well beyond just examining the Trump administration to make an assessment, and there’s much more information available. For the purpose of this post, I’ll focus more on the domestic policies such as the economy.

The economy is broken into three separate but interconnected parts:
-The World’s Reserve Currency Status presently held by the US Dollar, a medium of exchange through legal tender laws.
-The Global Economy determined largely by globalization and stock markets.
-Agricultural-Consumerist-Service possessing little or otherwise severely neglected capital structure.

The currency aka money is a medium of exchange that is impacted by inflation or deflation that negatively or positively impacts purchasing power. When purchasing power increases, it is considered deflation. When purchasing power decreases, it is considered inflation. Inflation is also known as currency debasement; hence, it decreases purchasing power.
Currency aka money does not in itself unless it possesses intrinsic value of its own only possesses value as a medium of exchange through laws as legal tender.

The world’s reserve currency status declares the medium of exchange or basket of currencies exchangeable such as OPEC Treaty in exchange for US Military support sells their oil exports in US Dollars after the Oil Embargo. This means war for oil translates to war for Dollar Hegemony. It also enables the global economy determined by globalization or otherwise the Stock Markets to operate.

Agricultural-Consumerist-Service economies are by their very nature capital exchange economies predominantly towards the top as historically did prior to the Industrial Revolution in which Feudal Asia and Europe or otherwise respectively Confederate States of America or Collective Farms of the Soviet Union (USSR), and they predominantly severely neglect capital structure that produces scarce capital creation driving prices up in capital accumulation market.
“The Fed’s decisions can ripple through the economy, making mortgages more expensive, causing mining companies to reduce investment in new machinery and preventing retail stores from hiring new workers.”

1. The gold standard returns.
2. Ending the Fed’s dual mandate
3. A rules-based approach to monetary policy.
4. Business as usual.
It is also dividing the U.S. states into two groups: states that are expected to benefit, and states who stand to lose from the tax plan. The state of Texas and its economy are expected to be on the losers’ end should the border tax pass as-is, even though the probability of the plan passing all legislative vetting is not considered to be very high.
“Euphoria has been pervasive in the stock market since the election. But investors seem to be overlooking the risk of a U.S. government default resulting from a failure by Congress to raise the debt ceiling.”
“I’m going to try to take the opposite side of this, because — and this question about market expectations, and how the market’s got things wrong, and then how you say the Fed suddenly clarified what it already said. But for example, if the — if you look at the Atlanta Fed’s latest GDP tracker for the first quarter, it’s down to 0.9 percent. We had a retail sales report that was mixed. We had the, you know, the upper divisions of previous months make it look better. But the consumer does not appear to be roaring in the first quarter, kind of underscoring the wait-and-see attitude you just mentioned…

If you look at measured of labor compensation, you note in the statement that they’re not moving up. And in fact, they are — and if you look at average out, there are so many things you can look at. And you yourself have said in the past that the fact that that is happening is perhaps an indication there’s still slack in the labor market.”
“For now it appears what matters to The Fed is not ‘hard’ real economic data but ‘soft’ survey and confidence data…”

The economy would include ACA’s repeal-replace that I discuss here.

“President Trump’s budget blueprint for the coming fiscal year would slash the Environmental Protection Agency by 31 percent and cut State Department spending by a similar amount in a brash upending of the government’s priorities, according to congressional staff members familiar with the plan.”

“The budget outline, to be unveiled on Thursday, is more of a broad political statement than a detailed plan for spending and taxation. But it represents Mr. Trump’s first real effort to translate his bold but vague campaign themes into the minutiae of governance. The president would funnel $54 billion in additional funding into defense programs, beef up immigration enforcement and significantly reduce the nondefense federal work force to further the “deconstruction of the administrative state,” in the words of Mr. Trump’s chief strategist, Stephen K. Bannon.”

Under old school measurements:
-Inflation is much higher than presently measured.
Do you remember prior to the 2008 financial crisis coffee was $4.99 at 40 fl oz, and it’s how much now in your area? It gets as high as $8.99 at 32 fl oz around here.
-Deficit to debt spending accounts for over 80% of GDP, and historians estimate the point of no return is 93% of GDP.
-Capital Structure that produces capital creation that determines supply-demand of capital accumulation markets are extremely neglected. Under old school measurements, the economy isn’t growing; it is severely contracting.

 and I touch base on open border’s policies in another article here. I am compelled to emphasize this point tremendously

Open Borders historically requires one of 3 mechanisms and very often eventually encompasses all three:
-Guilty Until Proven Innocent Justice System that utilizes privileges and criminal statistics of demographics to demographically profile criminality-terrorism in addition to guilty by association as a means to provide probable cause under suspicion alone.
-The region or nation joins another nation. In the US, this would be ratifying the US Constitution.
““The fact is that this country is changing. There’s a demographic revolution,” he explained. “It’s not what I think, it’s what is actually happening.”

He proceeded to roll out what’s arguably become his new catchphrase.

“What I’m concerned about is what he’s saying in that — he might, with the support of the White House, or some people in the White House — he might want to make America white again. That’s not the United States that I know. That’s not the United States that I celebrate and love.”” (qtd).
Saudi Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman proclaimed Trump a “true friend of Muslims,” claiming the leader’s immigration ban does not target Islam.”
“But when it comes to the order itself — well, it’s hard to see how it has any chance of solving that problem. It instructs all agencies to examine their operations and draft plans for reorganization within 180 days. Mick Mulvaney, head of the Office of Management and Budget, must then take the agencies’ plans and work them into a master plan for government reorganization. In other words, Trump’s order makes reorganization an exercise for the executive branch on its own.

The problem is, it’s Congress that passes the laws that control most of government, and Congress that decides what to fund. The executive order, however, doesn’t mention Congress once. Under the order, Mulvaney can direct agencies to make changes “consistent with applicable law and subject to the availability of appropriations.” This guarantees it won’t amount to much — a tiny bit of bureaucratic fat here and there.”

Note, there are numerous information to examine for each individual component mentioned and not mentioned, but I’m trying to keep it on examining the available information.



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