Trump Administration 3

Trump Administration part 1 can be found here that I focus on the blurring of domestic and international policies under national defense-security and national interests. Trump Administration part 2 can be found here that I focus on domestic policies as the budget, economy, reference globalization-global economy, inflation-deflation, rate hike, open border policies, and etc.
In this article, I’ll conclude this series by helping showing the correlations to my article assessing the Obama administration found here.

The Economy is strongly dependent on governmental fiefdoms, public-private partnerships, and public-private mergers via Too Big To Fail designation that are historically foundations of Oligarchy, Kleptocracy, Plutocracy, and ultimately through extended rule becomes an Aristocracy whose foundations are the catalyst and enhanced catalyst of wealth effect and wealth redistribution. To make matters worse, the economy is an Agricultural-Consumerist-Service economy that severely neglects capital structure producing scarce capital creation pricing most out of the capital accumulation markets catering to the top in an capital exchange predominantly towards the top economy.

This requires dependency on old school measurements estimating deficit to debt spending accounts for over 80% of GDP, and historians estimate 93% of GDP is the point of no return.

I have two very simple questions for the readers:
Do you support wealth inequality? If not, you should target the catalyst.
Are you pro-war? If not, you might want to target the catalyst.

With over 80% of GDP on the line, the economy can only resolve itself historically in three ways:
-Keynesian promotion of deficit to debt spending incurred by major warfare. Do I really need to dig up like Paul Krugman’s works on how World War II got us out of the Great Depression? It really means that the US delivered a body blow against its primary rivals with allies already taken the brunt of the beating. In this case, the US leads NATO into war against BRICS, which includes Russia and China.
-The Federal Government and State Governments will have to downsize its agencies.
-Austerity that means paying for less services at the same price or higher. Ever voted during a close levy be it a renewal or additional levy? Same principle, it was also the ultimate conclusion of Bismark’s successors after the Wiemar Agreement failed and failed utterly.

“The few cities that dominate financial activity-Frankfurt, Hong Kong, London, New York- are at the height of modern global integration” (Why the World Isn’t Flat) that today would include Singapore and Taiwan among others that makeup the global economy.


6). After 30+ years of Progressive Government implementation, it has become common practice to blame the failures of Progressive Government policies resulting in wealth inequality, institutional racism, and imperialist trade agreements that ultimately benefit nation’s at the expense of the American populace in jobs, staples, and currency debasement.
Historically, these policies lead to economic disaster as Britain’s free trade knowingly resulted in the Potato Famine in Ireland and major conflict not far removed from leading into World War II the British Sterling was propped by spending future payments of war reparations installed on Germany after World War I that was amplified by the Wiemar Agreement.

BRICS could isolate the developed world from the developing world if you think; it can’t be done ignores the mechanism AIIB is established. The groundwork began in 2009 by a Russo-Sino economic pact dropping the US Dollar in denominated trade dropping US Dollar demand to around 35%. Consider the impact, if China persuades Chair of OPEC Saudi Arabia of the Arabian Alliance to also join or form a economic pact dropping the US Dollar in denominated trade. The optimistic estimate is a drop in demand towards 20%.

5). Enabling-promoting Arabian Alliance regional ambitions as US Foreign policy that brings the US into direct conflict with both Russia and China who have formed pacts with Eastern Ukraine, Syria, Iran, Pakistan, and etc that is a conflict by the War College War-game scenarios is a lose-lose proposition. Epic Fail is the long and short of it.

In other words, if the US shifted gears surrounding Syria, Israel, and Iran to prevent escalation with Russia and China for that matter, the Arabian Alliance loses its OPEC leverage, and it may enter an agreement dropping the US Dollar in denominated trade or worse. If OPEC followed suit, the days of the US Dollar’s world’s reserve currency status dependent on Eurozone remains effectively numbered.

1). President Obama continued and expanded W. Bush’s policies particularly those after 9/11 that is strictly dependent on maintaining open border policies and reconciling security measures. The term is guilty until proven innocent.

As I contended with here.

Open Borders historically requires one of 3 mechanisms and very often eventually encompasses all three:
-Guilty Until Proven Innocent Justice System that utilizes privileges and criminal statistics of demographics to demographically profile criminality-terrorism in addition to guilty by association as a means to provide probable cause under suspicion alone.
-The region or nation joins another nation. In the US, this would be ratifying the US Constitution.



The path trend the Trump administration has the country on ultimately continues and expands W. Bush’s policies that Obama’s continued and expanded.

About the only good thing about the Trump administration thus far, checks and balances haven’t been observed in quite a long time, but the path trend presently remains unchanged therefore thus far. Overall Trump administration is an F.



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