Response to “The (Department of) State We’re In”

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These posts are derived by Trump’s Budget Blueprint that Democrats and Republicans call DOA. The blueprint PDF

The blueprint PDF is 62 pages long.

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I was curious about how he felt about our new president. The first word out of his mouth was “fascist.” 

The real irony is that Fascism is a form of Plutocracy, and Plutocracy requires public-private mergers to form. Specifically, Fascism requires Government-Corporate public-private mergers to exist.

The bulk of the budget would go to the military and security apparatus while de-funding all organs of government like the State Department, EPA, National Health Service, etc. thus eviscerating them. Welcome to Trumpistan. – ed.

Apparently, it’s Fascist to cut levers of control on the pillar’s of civilization. Never mind, Communitarianism and Communism need those levers as much as Fascism does after all national socialism is an advocacy for public-private mergers.

And from the original post

The big swinging bat, however, is visa issuance. Visas are what fills the American economy with tourists, Silicon Valley with engineers, and universities with foreign students. Visas are the State Department’s cash cow: in 2016 close to 11 million tourist, worker, and student visas were issued at an average fee collected of $160. That’s well over $1.7 billion in revenue in addition to the budget Congress allots State. The Bureau of Consular Affairs holds a budget surplus in reserve whose dollar amount is one of the most closely held non-national security secrets inside government.

Remember, Agricultural-Consumerist-Service economies was the pre-Industrial economies of Feudal Asia and Europe, the Confederate States of America (Confederacy), and etc that severely neglect capital structure and thus produces scarce capital that prices most of the populace out of the capital accumulation markets. Oligarchy foundation is governmental fiefdoms, Kleptocracy foundation is public-private partnerships, and Plutocracy foundation is public-private mergers that become an Aristocracy through extended rule.

Also remember open borders historically requires:
-Conquest aka expansionism.
-Guilty Until Proven Innocent
-Joining an existing nation such as ratification of the US Constitution.

On the bright side, the economic caste system of the day is completely inclusive of an guilty until proven innocent justice system as long as you weren’t a serf, indentured servant, or slave but a mere peasant whose status and station would never be altered to prevent mobilizing a counter-regency of resistance were not only allowed to travel but encouraged to do so.

In short, this counterattack to Trump’s blueprint that’s DOA in Congress is designating these levers of pillar’s of civilization necessary for Aristocracy to be successfully develop to be designated ‘Too Big To Fail’ and omits or ignores the simple fact there is yet that I’m aware of US placing a check on Russia’s second largest buildup in the Arctic or third in Cuba. Then, there’s no reference at all that Russia and China are both public-private merger Aristocracy that places economic infrastructure under the realm as such as with China its economic security forces of public-private mergers are under an arm of the People’s Liberation Army to maintain open border policies justification of sacrificing rights for security…

Historically, shifts in global balance of power is decisively determined by major warfare, and BRICS are the shift in global balance of power and many of which are AIIB. If Saudi Arabia turns, OPEC follows, and this spells the end of over 80% of GDP.
Once over 80% of GDP goes, historically there are three options:
-War. Striking the balance back into NATO’s favor.
-Austerity forced on the populace by increasing cost at lessened benefits of services.
-The Federal and State agencies are downsized.

Lets hope ‘this time it’s different’ isn’t just a lame excuse to ignore or omit history and ultimately repeat it, but I rather doubt it.





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