The status quo aka path trend ends badly

If the reader wants to skip the who, what, and why, the path trend ends in either War and Rationing or Severe Austerity.

The purpose of this post is examining the interconnected catalysts of issues within the United States.

1). Governmental Fiefdoms is the foundation of Oligarchy, public-private partnerships is the foundation of Kleptocracy, and public-private mergers are the foundation of Plutocracy. In class structure, these are your Middle-Upper Middle-Upper Classes. It also leaves the vast majority of the populace by defacto a Working Caste or Impoverished Caste.

Why is this? Lets go back to Bismark and his Bismarkian policies as they were catalyzed by first governmental fiefdoms and then public-private partnerships during his reign.

What’s your point? Governmental fiefdoms, public-private partnerships, and public-private mergers are the catalyst and enhanced catalysts of wealth effect and wealth redistribution whose central focus is pacifying or contenting a populace to promote granting power to someone or a group of people.



Isn’t that a result of capitalism? Prioritizing Capital Structure that is key in capital creation for capital accumulation increases capital creation for capital structure whereas neglecting capital structure institutes scarce capital creation pricing most out of capital accumulation markets.

2). The Economy is an Agricultural-Consumerist-Service economy that means capital structure is severely neglected, and it is by its very nature a capital exchange economy predominantly towards the top.

3). The global economy and globalization promoted as free trade agreements encourage and promote public-private partnerships and public-private mergers. It’s also considered key in maintaining the OPEC Treaty and the US Dollar’s world’s reserve currency status, and the world’s reserve currency status is the principle catalyst that enable old school measurements to estimate deficit to debt spending accounts for over 80% of GDP but remain under the historical point of no return of 93% of GDP.

4). Historically, shifts in balance of power are decisively determined by major conflict, which has as much to do with BRICS ambitions as it does the US’s decision to accept the shift or not.
In simple terms, the US either strikes the balance of power requiring war with BRICS nations as Russia and China, or it is forced to accept the shift of balance of power and either downsize or institute severe austerity.

Ultimately, governmental fiefdoms, public-private partnerships, and public-private mergers aren’t going to drop their ambition aspirations simply because the populace such as opposes Too Big To Fail Banking institutions who many of them already promote through supporting ACA or Ryan’s alleged repeal-replace in precisely the same manner they’re the biggest proponents of open borders whose historical catalysts are conquest/expansionism, guilty until proven innocent justice system, or compelling other regions/nations to align with them.

If you have a problem with wealth inequality, you can’t support wealth effect and wealth redistribution; they are catalyzed by the foundations of Oligarchy, Kleptocracy, and Plutocracy.

If you have a problem with guilty until proven innocent as institutional racism, you can’t support open border policies that is catalyzed by conquest/expansionism, guilty until proven innocent, or otherwise compelling regions to align with ambitions of Oligarchy, Kleptocracy, or Plutocracy.

If you’re opposed to war or severe austerity, the only option remaining in historical precedent is downsizing Federal, State, and Local agencies. It’s a bit late for other alternatives; either way chances are the US Dollar’s world’s reserve currency status are probably numbered and that makes a major difference in viable solutions.



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