This post centers on responding to a few posts that I noted in the Reader’s section of WordPress.
What will become the Tipping Point? Part 2
The Trump Conundrum (or: The Tipping Point: Part 3)

Where to begin… I guess the best place to start is where I am compelled to agree:

“I keep talking about the tipping point, and there *has* to be one, but for now, it seems that the GOP is content with trying to push their agenda as much as they can, and pin the failures all on Trump before they kick him to the curb. That is truly the Trump Conundrum: How long does the GOP put up with Trump to get their long held beliefs passed without being blamed for them and avoid going down with the Trump Disaster.

In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if that is exactly what they are trying to do.” (Emphasis in bold mine).

Bush Republicanism, Neocons, and Social Conservatives who makeup the Progressive Republicans majority of the Republican Party leadership are conducting balance of power political maneuvering to conduct Self-Fulfilling Prophecy. They’ll aid Anti-Trump into boxing Trump into impeachment or compel him to pursue Foreign Policy that leads to war expanding three or more continents, which will require massive deficit to debt spending and severe rationing as it did during World War I and World War II that Keynesian economics until fairly recently pointed to World War II got the US out of the Great Depression.

“Of course if they worked with the Democrats, they could pass a lot of stuff… if only.”

When Progressive Republicans believe they’ve gotten what domestic and foreign policy agendas established by Trump’s momentum, they’ll reach across the aisle for impeachment.

“However, I suspect they will do the tried and truth method of not getting in the way of your opponent when he is fucking up.”

This falls under why grant rival political ideologies public relations victories; they simply set themselves up for a 2008 styled election result in 2020.

“So when will the tipping point be?”

Technically, it’s already passed that occurred during the primary, and Progressive Republicans have political maneuvered for the political expediency to get Trump in their corner.


Now, lets look at points that I’m compelled to point out.
“Then CPAC, the Conservative convention that is running this weekend. Yesterday, Chief Strategist Steve Bannon said that the Administration is in a constant battle to “deconstruct the Administrative state” wanting to undo the system of taxes, regulations,and trade agreements in order to…. do what? I am not sure. It reeks of isolationism and authoritarianism.” (emphasis in bold mine)

The US never was ‘Isolationist’. Isolationism and conquest-expansionism isn’t compatible, and it’s largely a myth even prior to World War II the US was aiding the original Chinese government and Communist Chinese against Japan using the Philippines as a staging ground in a similar manner Japan was in the Korean War that cultivated their exports and economy at the time.
Authoritarianism, Totalitarianism, and etc require Top-Down governance with little to no checks and balances requires forming governmental fiefdoms, public-private partnerships, and pinnacles with public-private mergers.

For a very short background, Bismark catalyzed his Bismarkian Policies first by governmental fiefdoms and then by public-private partnerships. Public-Private Mergers didn’t develop until after the Wiemar Agreement failed to maintain Bismarkian Policies by compelling the allies from either accepting severely debased currency payments or repudiate the debt. This resulted in the establishing public-private mergers that first led to Severe Austerity measures and then War and Rationing.

Similar issue when Lenin ousted the Russian Aristocracy and seized it for his own purposes that Stalin maintained for his purposes. Mao seized China’s Aristocracy expelling them to Formosa present day Taiwan where Communist China considers the Chinese revolutionary struggle incomplete until Taiwan is brought to heel hence the One-China Policy.

Isolationism and Authoritarianism are polar opposites.

“The Russia Collusion hearings are sucking up ALL the media attention with Trump continuing to insist that the Obama Administration “Wire tapped” him.The Wall Street Journal Editorial board has slammed him. FBI head Comey has stated there is an ongoing investigation into collusion between Russia and the Trump Campaign, and the AP has released information that Mike Manafort, Trump’s Campaign manager for 5 months, was hired by Russians to advance Russian interests in Europe and the Ukraine.”

The Trump-Russian collusion is largely political leverage to compel Trump’s administration to continue US foreign policy that leads to major warfare. Lets hope the War College citing unconventional warfare focus as a lose-lose proposition is wrong.
Well, Responsibility to Protect mandates nation’s aid the ‘Established Government’ it doesn’t say the ‘deemed legitimate government’. How serious is this? The UN resolutions of possible eligible votes the majority of which abstained leaving the second majority the pro-regime change votes that overwhelmed the no votes. How is that serious? It means if the US loses; it can be charged with war crimes that Obama’s Presidential Pardon for W. Bush’s administration for crimes committed in the pursuit of the war on terror are rendered invalid in international law. This places the in recent memory W. Bush and Obama administrations onto the chopping block in international law.
So, does it make sense that the US negotiations involving Syria during Obama’s administration centered on requiring Assad stepping down while arms shipments predominantly focused on arming Syrian rebels in their revolutionary war against ISIS especially initially despite Free Syrian Army and others admitted the brunt of their fighting force are ISIS and Al-Qaeda fighters? It shouldn’t.
What about Ukraine? The Ukrainian-Russian treaty that governed the Sevastopol lease centered upon the Russians would repudiate the debt enabling Crimea to remain Ukrainian in exchange for access to basing the fleet in Sevastopol in which the lease being invalidated would enable Crimea to do as it did. This is why when Eastern Ukraine attempted it; it was refused as no such agreement existed despite the UN often acknowledged and recognize other declarations of sovereignty.
So, what’s the balance of power play? The Arabian Alliance whose members are also members of OPEC such as Saudi Arabia who last I looked chairs OPEC. OPEC is utilized as leverage in US Foreign Policy as the Arabian Alliance seeks dominance in the Middle East viewing Israel, Iran, and Syria obstacles that needs to be removed.

The long and short of it:
1). In geopolitics, it’s a catch-22 to conduct a political or geopolitical maneuver and be wrong is bad, but it is also bad to conduct such a maneuver and be right.
How is the accusation of Trump-Russia collusion a catch-22? It centers on accusing Russia of conducting an Act of War. The only response to an act of war is a Declaration of War. No other outcome is going to look good on the US especially as far as Russo-US relations are concerned.
2). Cold Wars require buffer zones as Ukraine, Syria, Iran, Pakistan, and North Korea to be observed. Without that elbow room, war becomes inevitable.
3). Abroad analysts assessing the fall of the USSR determined that the US Dollar’s world’s reserve currency status granted it the advantage of time and thus thee who holds the world’s reserve currency status wins the Cold War, and the Soviets failed to directly challenge the US citing specifically the Soviet’s backing down in the Cuban Missile Crisis.

The rest centers on maintaining governmental fiefdoms, public-private partnerships, and creating public-private mergers that are the catalyst and enhanced catalysts to wealth effect and wealth redistribution (can’t have one without the other) that an Agricultural-Consumerist-Service economy caters towards by being a capital exchange economy predominantly towards the top and severe neglect of capital structure resulting in scarce capital creation pricing most out of capital accumulation markets in an expansionist and guilty until proven innocent catalysts of open border policies.

As history shows us over a thousand times, the path trend ends in War and Rationing or Severe Austerity…

“everyone has lied to cover up *something* and we need to know what that something is.”

According to the War College, this would require leaving the US Military focused on unconventional warfare utilizing its spending for sophisticated and difficult to maintain replenishment rates in a warfare practice centered on occupational operations and strongly dependent on aerial supremacy against small conventional forces as Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, and etc that does not apply to Europe-Asia expanding Russia or China who also backed their pledge of support to by mutual defense pact independently with Assad’s Syria and both possess forces within aiding in ousting ISIS. The alternative ultimately requires conducting a military-civilian draft in addition to expanding NATO membership.




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