Russo-US relations

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Which does the Washington’s Establishment prefer: a U.S. President who wants to reach new agreements with Russia, or a U.S. President who wants to replace all of Russia’s allies?

In simple terms, if DC wants to maintain promoting vertical power-structure, it has to maintain the US Dollar’s world’s reserve currency status key in old school measurements estimating over 80% of GDP is deficit to debt spending (recall the deficit becomes debt) but under the historian estimated 93% of GDP point of no return.

The newsmedia pick up from the Democrats and the other neoconservatives, and therefore Trump is being pressed hard on his being ‘Putin’s stooge’ or even ‘Putin’s Manchurian candidate,’ though the presumption in those statements is that Russia is doomed to be America’s enemy unless America outright conquers it — and this is a war-mongering and arrogant presumption for the U.S. government to be making about Russia, and it’s also very far from being a realistic assumption about Russia.

Lets put this into prospective:
1). The US Dollar’s remaining pillars as the world’s reserve currency status is the Eurozone of the European Union and OPEC members of the Arabian Alliance.
2). According to Responsibility to Protect, the ‘Established Government’ not ‘deemed legitimate government’ is mandated to receive aid constituting a war-crime that a Presidential Pardon isn’t recognized in international law. W. Bush and Obama administrations should have paid closer attention to this very major detail.
I’m not done boning up on Yemen, but Trump should be very weary of ‘deemed legitimate government’ in international affairs.

Is this a palace coup? And, if so, what’s the real motivation for it? Why do they want Mike Pence to be the U.S. President? What’s their real goal in this bipartisan campaign to replace Trump with Pence?

Based on the political expediency maneuvering, it would seem that Trump is either willfully or blindly following the Arabian Alliance’s OPEC leverage that leads to war with both Russia and China over Iran and Syria while alienating Israel given the three are considered obstacles to the Arabian Alliance’s ambitions for Middle Eastern Dominance. This leads to Trump’s impeachment that’s very nearly a catch-22 by Progressive Democrats and Republicans.

In short, one can’t participate in globalization of the global economy without an transaction directly or indirectly with a potential rival with the US. The entire affair is a show trial, and the Trump-Russian collusion are based on at best circumstantial evidence requiring doubling down on guilty until proven innocent to make stick. But, they can most certainly slam Trump and his supporters if Trump ignites World War III in response to that same pressure. Personally, I’d take being impeached over igniting such a war.


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