Trump 1-term or less

Among the transition team’s ideas, according to a document obtained by POLITICO, was reducing the corporate tax rate to 15 percent; giving people a child care tax credit, inspired by Ivanka Trump; and keeping the capital gains rates as is — a nod to Trump’s populist campaign rhetoric. (Lower capital gains rates tend to benefit the wealthy, and this plan, unlike most GOP proposals, would leave that tax rate as is.)

Capital Structure is strongly neglected in an Agricultural-Consumerist-Service economy, so the capital gains tax reduction is a fruitless endeavor until capital structure is prioritized thus increasing supply to demand.

One senior administration official said the plan being drafted by Mnuchin is unlikely to include Ryan’s controversial border adjustment tax. The trouble is that that proposal generates much of the revenue in Ryan’s plan, one potential blueprint from which the administration could work. Without it, one Hill staffer in favor of the plan said, “the offsets become a lot more ugly.”

Now, the border adjustment tax aka tariff is a globalization no-no. It’s viewed as ‘protectionist’ and promoted as a ‘Isolationist’, which irony of ironies interconnects the global economy to members of the World Trade Organization (WTO) that would include ‘Russia’ and ‘China’.
You have various groups including up to and including Ways and Means Committee, Chamber of Commerce Committee, ALEC, and etc piling onto the tax reform.

For added prospective: (Formerly led by Mike Pence)

The plot ‘thickens’

Wallace asked him the age-old question beloved by climate alarmists: “What if you’re wrong? What if CO2 is causing dramatic climate change and we as humans are responsible?”

Pruitt just didn’t know how to respond…

See how it’s being reported by the Soros-funded propaganda site Think Progress.

Even Fox News can’t believe that the head of the Environmental Protection Agency, Scott Pruitt, doesn’t accept the basic scientific finding that carbon dioxide is a primary contributor to recent global warming.

Pruitt may have thought the Murdoch-owned network that has led the way on attacking climate science for two decades would be a friendly audience. He was wrong.

Fox News Sunday anchor Chris Wallace thoroughly debunked Pruitt for defending his absurd claim that CO2 is not “a primary contributor to the global warming that we see.”

And on this occasion, the Soros attack dogs are quite right to be yelping so excitedly.


You know the real irony is how often Koch Brothers and Soros financially intersect while mostly politically siding in rivalry with the exception of Trump’s Presidency.

First, Paul Ryan was Mitt Romney’s Vice President pick whose policies except Foreign Policy surrounding Russia is a carbon copy of Obama, and Ryan’s policies are largely a carbon copy of Hillary Clinton.
Second, Paul Ryan and Ways and Means Committee among others were opposed by House Freedom Caucus in the ACA reform-tweaks promoted as ACA repeal-replace.

You have rank and file Republicans who will oppose the tariff proposal because Ryan proposed it, and you have rank and file Republicans who will support the tariff proposal because House Freedom Cause oppose it. Then, you’ll have rank and file who have issues proposed they like and other’s they oppose. Ultimately, the proposal acts as a poisoned pill that plays a major role in if or what happens in the debt ceiling coming up that then directly impacts the budget following that.
Lets backtrack for a minute

What anti-Trump Republicans need to do, in other words, is patiently tug the party in a better direction.

Translation, Progressive Republicans encompassing Bush Republicanism, Neocons, and Social Conservatives are seeking to promote the status quo that ultimately ends in severe austerity or war and rationing under the guise of a ‘better direction and Republican unity’ that frankly largely doesn’t exist.

Now, lets reevaluate Trump’s election:
1). Sanders supporters crossed the aisle including PACs.
2). Many voters who have abstained for years voted in the 2016 election cycle.
3). Both Sanders supporters and Trump supporters are fed up with the status quo as it merely caters to the Top financial-political class protected by public-private partnerships who aspire for becoming public-private mergers.

If Progressive Democrats and Republicans truly simply want to remove Trump, their ideal time to do so is after the debt ceiling resulting in a governmental shutdown especially after 2 major legislative actions failed. Progressive Democrats double down on conflicts of interests and Trump-Russian collusion meanwhile Progressive Republicans double-down on ‘for Republican unity and a better direction’. Trump promoting the status quo, Progressive Democrats seeking ouster, and Progressive Republicans seeking ouster effectively purges or otherwise throws political dissidents who voted Trump to the curb aka purged.

If Progressive Democrats and Republicans are seeking to strategically punish status quo dissidents, they’ll let Trump finish his term as a dismal failure, and 90% of Trump’s actions thus far are reversible by the next administration.
If Progressive Democrats were smart, they’d field Sanders or Warren.
-Sanders neutralizes his supporters who crossed the aisle in 2016 election cycle, and Warren is a much stronger in between if Sander’s isn’t fielded. The intersection of support makes that choice interesting to say the least.
The other option is fielding Oprah who can pick either Warren or Sanders for Vice President, but the chances of attempted nominations actually being picked is probably remote.
It truly depends if Trump goes to term or not. If Trump is removed, I’d fully expect Hillary Clinton to take another shot. In simple terms, Trump’s machine was able to overpower Republican favorites, and Clinton’s political war machine makes Trump’s amateur hour. If Clinton hadn’t been so arrogant, she may have out-maneuvered Trump, but she didn’t, and her mistakes wouldn’t have mattered against Bush, Kasich, Rubio, Cruz, Paul, Carson, and Carly.


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