Response to America Needs a Stronger Anti-War Movement

This post’s focus is in response to the article America Needs a Stronger Anti-War Movement found here

While I agree the US needs a stronger Anti-War Movement, the movement itself should and needs to zoom into the catalysts of it.

Tom Engelhardt has a great article today in which he reflects about World War II, the Vietnam War, and current conflicts around the world.  He ends his article with this powerful question:

In many ways, from its founding the United States has been a nation made by wars. The question in this century is: Will its citizenry and its form of government be unmade by them?

Ultimately, any discussion surrounding wars derived by the war on terror ultimately requires observing:
1). Keynesian Economics is entirely dependent on the US Dollar’s being the world’s reserve currency status that until fairly recently Keynesian Economists as Paul Krugman couldn’t find a war or disaster that wasn’t an ‘economic opportunity’ for spending that they didn’t like.
2). The World’s Reserve Currency Status is the basis of what politicians refer to as ‘American Exceptionalism’ rendering economic fundamentals that determined the measurement methodologies as ‘outdated’.
3). It was during the 90s that the US military focus gained steam towards unconventional warfare focus or as the author references “The U.S. military has developed a form of war, based on technologies such as “smart” munitions and drones, that at least to us seems antiseptic and low cost.” This places emphasis on technological development into Occupational Operations that is regionally geared and against small conventional forces dependent on aerial supremacy being established to be effective.
4). The US foreign policy ‘traditions’ are based on decades of foreign policy based on delusions of grandeur at the time could afford to ignore or omit balance of power geopolitics.

In simple terms, if BRICS including Russia and China were economically and militarily weak, they’ve already succumbed to surround or face utter destruction as discussed in reference to the author’s previous article on Art of War found here and linked in this article here unmerry crew.

I’ve discussed this previously, but I’ll reiterate:
1). The US Dollar’s world’s reserve currency status is what makes or break old school measurements estimating deficit to debt spending accounts for over 80% of GDP or over the point of no return 93% of GDP.
2). The last remaining pillars of the US Dollar’s world’s reserve currency status rests in the European Union’s Eurozone and OPEC members of the Arabian Alliance.
To cut European dependence on Russian oil-natural gas government-energy public-private merger, the EU requires locking arms with OPEC members of the Arabian Alliance that requires an alignment through the Arabian Alliance’s ambition to acquire Middle Eastern dominance declaring Syria, Iran, and Israel obstacles of its ambitions.
The OPEC members of the Arabian Alliance in particular Saudi Arabia utilizes OPEC to leverage US Foreign Policy in the Middle East that those ‘traditions’ are based since the Oil Embargo around the 1970s whose former King as a Prince stated “we have found the way to break the west in the pursuit of peace the balance of power will necessarily shift from west to east’ hence the BRICS and China’s AIIB system.

What does this mean? The purpose behind Trump-Russian collusion is political maneuvering to prevent shifting from ‘traditional foreign policy’ to maintaining it.

While the Obama administration’s position remained firm that any path to peace in Syria would require the removal of Assad from power, Trump’s team has expressed a willingness to allow him to remain. United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley told reporters last week that “our priority is no longer to sit there and focus on getting Assad out.”

As the Arabian Alliance members advocate, Syria, Iran, and Israel are obstacles to be removed to acquire Arabian Alliance ambitions that aligns with the European Union’s desire to become less dependent on Russian oil-gas imports by its government-energy public-private merger.

Personally, I’d rather move the US out of check, but this requires redeploying US forces from abroad closer to the US. Unfortunately, this isn’t possible given the political environment:
1). Tax reform, debt ceiling, and budget are going to determine the path trend the administration takes. If this requires doubling down on globalization (Imperialism), it is going to set the US onto a collision path with BRICS in particular Russia and China.
2). The Trump-Russia collusion prevents the redeployment, so the US is not going to move out of check anytime soon. I find it unfathomable to ignore Russian and Chinese positioning under the simple basis effectively ‘merely possessing access to the global economy’ that right there states the US is more vulnerable economically than either or before we even discuss military positioning.
3). W. Bush and Obama regime changing Libya, Afghanistan, and Iraq violates Responsibility to Protect’s requirement of the ‘Established Government’ not ‘deemed legitimate government’ that negates Obama’s first term Presidential Pardon of W. Bush’s administration’s crimes pursuing the war on terror.
‘Following orders’ didn’t fly in the Nuremberg Trails, and it’s not going to fly if the US ever loses a major war that it’s increasingly heading toward.

As things stand, the United States’ needs a anti-war movement badly to prevent Trump-Russia collusion from politically maneuvering the administration into conducting a fatal flaw.

Fear.  And nationalism (America First!) disguised as patriotism.

Unfortunately, this requires ignoring US borders and sphere of influence that have for decades following World War II enabled the US to ignore or omit balance of power geopolitics in favor of pretending superpower status means the United States was ‘United World’ expansionist political ideology in which globalization is derived. As Thomas Friedman stated in “It’s a Flat World After All” summary article of his novel 1492 was the beginning of globalization 1.0 and globalization 2.0 encompasses the Colonial Era and both World Wars aka American Imperialism.

Ultimately, the path trend catalyzes in the US Dollar’s world’s reserve currency losing its status that will burst the GDP bubble resulting in tremendous expansion of the working and impoverished castes with capital structure severely neglected. The end result is for doubling down on imperialism is war and rationing, and the War College war-games scenarios citing US military unconventional warfare is a lose-lose proposition.

The American Anti-War Movement conducting itself promoting globalization turns into a massive draft dodge movement in a war that isn’t going to be fought in some distant battle ground. This is why understating Russian and Chinese strength results in underestimating their capacities. Know thyself, know thy enemy…


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