The United States’ socio-economic-political dynamics are certainly in a state of a catch-22. On the off chance, one isn’t familiar with the terminology; catch-22 respectively means ‘damned if you do damned if you don’t’, ‘between a rock and hard place’, and ‘unstoppable force meets an unmovable object’.   Frankly, I consider the prime example right […]

Comey-Testimony Part 2

Bare in mind, Trump violated Responsibility to Protest that mandates aid provided is provided to the ‘Established government’ unless an alternative established government is established such as North-South Korea and Vietnam in the Syrian strikes not once but twice. Recall, Presidents may only act unilaterally with the direct and imminent threat to the US directly […]

Democrat Leadership And Republican Leadership Dilemmas

To be blunt, after additional thought and additional information capable of being added, it strikes me as prudent to rewrite the entire post and restructure it. Recall, the Democratic and Republican Parties are designed Top-Down and Bottom-Up, so they are institutionally accustomed traditionally being able to influence or otherwise compel their rank and file base […]