Twitter Solutions

Today I came across several more articles surrounding Trump’s Twitter usage:
1). As one who doesn’t have a Twitter account, I only see Twitter posts er Tweets through media articles and posts. Maybe, people who don’t like Twitter usages should boycott Twitter.

2). Does Twitter offer users the ability to ignore or block user that prevents the individual from seeing the ignored/blocked user posts/Tweets? If you don’t want to boycott Twitter, you could always ignore/block user.

3). As far as I’m concerned, CNN and Trump can go get a room; they say there’s a fine line between love and hate. Maybe, their mutual animosity centers on their being egomaniacs. Maybe just maybe if CNN and Trump spent much more time together like getting a room; they could sooth each others egos instead of inflaming them.

If Trump doesn’t use his Twitter account for PR of GOP agendas, his Twitter usage becomes a factoid, so why cover it at all in that case.

There are more than one media outlet; it is possible to read opposing viewpoints without reading CNN.

Bare in mind, I’m not on Twitter, so I have a hard time seeing precisely in what way the CNN-Trump feud is a relevant fact.

Congress determines the amount of power or leeway to grant the President, and Congress has already determined to limit President Trump greatly finally enforcing Constitutional checks and balances.

The CNN-Trump feud certainly doesn’t change Vice President Pence is an political ideology ally of Ryan, McConnell, McCain, and etc giving me extreme doubt Congress would limit a President Pence’s presidency in the same manner they’ve limited Trump’s.

Apparently, the CNN-Trump feud brings in the ratings. I don’t know about anyone else, but I can’t think of an outlet that didn’t cover the recent foray or the last one. Is there an outlet that didn’t cover it?



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