President Pence Revisted

If Democrats and Republicans really wanted to show their constituents regardless which party they support including Independent Parties such as the Libertarian Party, they would pursue Trump, Obama, H Clinton, Kerry, HW Bush, W. Bush, Cheney, and etc Democrat and Republican career officials for violating Responsibility to Protect that makes not aiding the established government without an alternative established government a war-crime and to do so under false pretenses or acquire a UN Resolution under false pretenses a premeditated war-crime. There’s no need for either Trump-Russia collusion-interference or domestic-foreign emoluments to remove Trump unless your motives are centrally political.

President Donald Trump is getting a bitter Washington lesson when he messes with Jeff Sessions – you don’t pick a fight with one of the Senate’s guys.

It’s a lesson that could cost him politically in a Senate where he badly needs Republican support for his lengthy agenda, starting with healthcare on Tuesday.

Sessions spent 20 years in the Senate, winning a reputation for affability and party loyalty. He understood and doggedly practiced the code of what’s been called the world’s most exclusive club: You can disagree without being disagreeable, but you protect the institution and its members.

(Bold emphasis mine)

Bare in mind, Republicans’ leadership and most of the House and Senate in addition to by a factor of 5 to 1 staff-cabinet including Vice President Pence are Progressive Republicans encompassing Bush Republicanism, Neocons, and Social Conservatives. This Republican Party wing are the pro-war and rationing wing of the Party.

“It would not be well received on Capitol Hill,” Sen. Richard Shelby of Alabama warned, saying Sessions had been loyal to the president “to a fault.”

“Most people in the U.S. Senate and U.S. Congress believe Jeff Sessions is a man of integrity,” Shelby said on Fox News on Tuesday. His firing, Shelby said, “would not be taken lightly.”

Indeed, such a move would infuriate Republicans, who control 52 of the Senate’s 100 seats. Many GOP senators reacted in classic Senate fashion to the treatment of Sessions. They were not visibly angry but clearly annoyed and often upset. And with what could be construed as a few veiled warnings to be careful.

Note the arguments, there’s several articles highlighting Session’s loyalty to Trump, integrity, and etc that center largely on social conservative value assessment. What does these arguments have in common? Vice President Pence.

Note, Progressive Republicans aren’t the only one’s who are rather supportive of Sessions as Attorney General (AG).

Senate Democrats are warning they will block President Trump from trying to bypass the confirmation process by firing Attorney General Jeff Sessions and appointing a successor during the August recess.

Interestingly, Progressive Democrats and Sanders’ supporters were adamantly opposed to Session’s confirmation asserting Sessions was a racist and other assertions while Sessions has revived Asset Forfeiture even without convictions and other rather very unpopular policies.

More from the Republican side:

Donald Trump is very angry that Jeff Sessions recused himself from the Russian investigation.

And now he’s very angry that there’s a special counsel who operates largely outside of his direct control.

So he’s doing what an unfit president and a terrible boss does: He’s venting on Twitter.

I don’t agree with all of Sessions’s political and policy choices. I strongly disagreed with his decision to endorse and help legitimize Trump during the primary campaign, and just last week I strongly disagreed with his decision to expand federal civil asset forfeiture. But in my experience he is a good and principled man, a person who believes in and upholds the rule of law, and he has long been an effective and stalwart conservative.

(Bold emphasis mine)

Note, Trump demanding loyalty is bad/unfit, but it’s perfectly good to highlight loyalty to Trump to bypass scrutiny of questionable actions.

Note, Reviving failed policies are written off because ‘social conservative values’, which is really that Session’s reviving these policies are a social conservative value.

Back to the article

If Sessions goes, Trump will be free to appoint a true lackey to the attorney general’s office and then instruct that lackey to either cripple or terminate Robert Mueller’s investigation. Such blatant presidential interference — especially after his son, son-in-law, and campaign chair were caught meeting with a person they were told was a Russian government official who offered opposition research on his opponent — would ignite a firestorm on Capitol Hill orders of magnitude greater than any we’ve seen so far.

(Bold emphasis mine)

Note, Espionage tactically targeting election process is an ‘everyone does it and everyone knows everyone does it’; it’s generally not called out because it is an act of war that is only called out if you aim to follow through with a declaration of war.

Republicans and Democrats in both the House and Senate are expected to come together to pass a bipartisan package imposing stiffer sanctions on Russia, Iran and North Korea that has stalled for weeks.

Note, it is semantics to call an Embargo sanctions, and this is centrally a trade war.

While prior administrations of both parties have lobbied against various sanctions bills — citing the need for freedom from the legislative branch to make diplomatic decisions — the ongoing Russia controversies have created a perception problem for the White House. In the end, the GOP-led House and Senate pushed hard to move this bill despite major concerns from the administration.

(Bold emphasis mine)

In other words, Trump-Russia collusion-interference enhances Pence’s influence and pressures Trump to follow Progressive Republican interests that leads to war and rationing on the present path trend.

I’m going to have to wait for the final format given a search on Govtrack has several bills and sections come up search “The Russia, Iran, and North Korea Sanctions Act”, which makes it muddled figuring out which is which.

Anthony Scaramucci’s skills, not his ideology, matter for the future of conservatism.

Conservatives from Rick Wilson to Dana Loesch expressed concern about 2012 tweets in which Scaramucci supported gun control, gay marriage, and collective action to combat climate change, and more recent tweets strongly condemning Trump’s decorum and focus on “the wall” began to circulate as well. Some slammed Scaramucci as a hypocrite, others as an opportunist. Both camps said his past disqualified him from serving in the Trump White House.

This logic is shortsighted. Scaramucci’s political evolution over the past half-decade is relatable, and the Right should not protest a hire who could fix the disastrous White House messaging that is obstructing the Republican agenda and tanking the conservative movement.

(Excuse me while I scratch my head on the double-standard regarding Twitter use)…

On the Corner earlier this week, Jay Nordlinger described his own political evolution, which began with foreign-policy and social conservatism, with “the economic domino” being “the last one to fall.” Scaramucci’s evolution, relatable to many fiscally minded Americans in coastal and urban areas, happened in reverse fashion.

(Bold emphasis mine)

Take careful note of the path trend that leads to Downsizing Federal agencies not compartmentalizing, war and rationing, or severe austerity.

With a Republican White House, Senate, and House, and a record number of judicial vacancies, the GOP has its best opportunity in a generation to shrink the government and give liberty and opportunity back to the people.

Sure, slamming the media feels good when they act as the opposition rather than with objectivity, but it does not bring more voters around to embracing Republican policies. If he refuses to use his Twitter account to discuss substantive issues, Trump needs someone to sell his policies, and the GOP needs someone to speak to Trump on his level. As demonstrated by Scaramucci’s Trump-adulating yet polished and charming press conference, the Mooch might be that man.

(Bold emphasis mine)

Scaramucci has demonstrated remarkable media fluency in interviews with outlets ranging from Breitbart to CNN, publicly vowing to “deescalate” media tensions, return press briefings to televisions, put the media back on the defensive, and allow the White House to reclaim a political narrative.

Note, what the author is highlighting is adding more Bush Republicanism, Neocons, and Social Conservatives that makeup Progressive Republicans and the Republicans’ Leadership is meant to compel voters to become more Progressive Republican under Bush Republicanism, Neocons, and/or Social Conservatives as the Autopsy of 2012 advocated.

Speaking of Bush Republicanism, the heir apparent Jeb Bush was back in the news surrounding Trump-Russia collusion-interference

Former Gov. Jeb Bush (R-Fla.) on Saturday called out Republicans for not speaking out about the investigation into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

The first rule wasn’t caught on camera, but Bush’s second “rule” spoke directly to the Russia investigation swirling around the Trump administration.

“If your opponent does things that you, your head explodes on, if Barack Obama did something as it’s related to Russia, you say ‘this is outrageous,’ all this stuff, then when your guy does the same thing, have the same passion to be critical,” Bush said.

Bush continued his “rules” segment with a call for civility.

“Rule number three: Be civil,” Bush said. “The idea that you shout profanities at one another and expect the other guy or gal to respond like ‘that’s so nice of you, to call me a name,’ this is horrible.”

On the Democrats’ side of the aisle:

Congressional Democrats are rolling out their economic agenda as they try to reclaim the populist mantel from President Trump ahead of the 2018 midterm elections.

Schumer on Monday said not having a “strong, bold economic agenda” was the party’s “number one” mistake during the 2016 election. “When you lose elections, as we did in 2014 and 2016, you don’t flinch, you don’t blink, you look in the mirror and ask, ‘What did we do wrong?’ ” he said.

The first phase of the agenda includes top issues — like lowering prescription drug costs and reining in corporations — for the party’s resurgent progressive wing that frequently clashed with Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton‘s presidential campaign.

Democratic bills from earlier this year, including a $15 federal minimum wage and a $1 trillion infrastructure proposal, are also being folded into their “Better Deal” agenda.

The plan’s central shortcoming is its grounding in three key promises — increasing people’s pay, reducing their everyday expenses, and providing “workers with the tools they need for the 21st-century economy.” In short, it’s nothing that Democrats haven’t already promised — and failed — to deliver.

While there are more articles before and today, I could add, but it doubles down on the articles already referenced.

Trump should have done some boning up on issues as Responsibility to Protect before entering the Republican primary; his political virginity is turning into a Republicans’ leadership orgy. The only reason Trump is still President centrally is the benefit Republicans’ leadership sees for the 2018 election cycle, and they don’t want voters to note the rivalry of influence includes Vice President Pence.

Recall, the Vice President is effectively the supervisor position who not only can overrule the Parliamentarian in the Senate as ‘President of Congress’; the Vice President oversees the efficiency and smoothness of Executive policies are rolled out.

Trump is a political virgin if he truly thought running for President would make him ‘beloved’; he grossly miscalculated.

I guess Progressive Democrats and Progressive Republicans consider it too much work to actually show how their policy ideas work to persuade, but I have to say Progressive Democrats will get the last laugh as Pence, Bush, Cruz, Sessions, McCain, McConnell, Ryan, Romney, Trump, and etc effectively wedge the Republican Party in irreconcilable ways.


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