Reasons Why Trump Should Resign

In my viewpoint, Trump should resign:

1). Trump violated Responsibility to Protect that mandates aid provided is provided to the Established Government unless an alternative established government is created. The purpose behind RTP is to prevent extended Revolutionary or Civil War as Ukraine, Syria, and etc.

2). Trump-Russia Collusion-Interference most dangerous aspect isn’t the truly simple fix of ensuring US Citizen’s votes are counted and not changeable or thus compromised is Trump-Russia Collusion-Interference centrally in foreign affairs pressures the Trump administration to nullify diplomatic options in favor of military options as a result of Trade Embargoes that are promoted as sanctions.

The newest round of sanctions Trump is expected to sign (unless I overlooked its signing today) ensures diplomatic options are neutered, and this transitions trade war towards a full-blown arms’ race.

If Progressive Republicans (Bush Republicans, Neocons, and Social Conservative proponents) want to trigger Russo-Sino military pacts that includes Eastern Ukraine, Syria, Iran, Pakistan, North Korea, and others by ensuring increasingly aggressive expansionism, I say let Pence swallow it.

Unfortunately, if you include abroad analysts on the USSR’s collapse, the world’s reserve currency status determines the victor of Cold Wars, and they cite the Soviets backing down in the Cuban Missile Crisis. Factor in the War College war-game scenarios citing the US Military unconventional warfare focus in scenarios against Russia, against China, and against China are lose-lose propositions. In short, AIIB groundwork laid in 2009 by Russia and China enabling China to pursue economic treaties dropping the US Dollar in denominated trade decouples the Developing Nations from the US Dollar and wedges the US Dollar’s world’s reserve currency status while Russian and Chinese military pacts includes but not limited to Eastern Ukraine, Syria, Iran, Pakistan, North Korea, Cuba, and expands to Venezuela, and several others such as China happily stepped in with Mexico’s oil production and exports issues. While Trump hasn’t helped matters any in Mexican-Sino-US triangle, it began prior to Trump’s general election.

In other words, Russia and China don’t want to be seen as the aggressor as much as possible, and they would rather the US initiate. Lets use football as an example; you know they are going to use aerial or ground that shutting down one makes your rival more predictable becoming 1-dimensional. In warfare, Unconventional Warfare makes you out the door 1-dimensional; therefore, you attack where your rival isn’t or thinks they are strong. Case and point, Russia’s second and third largest buildups are the Arctic and Cuba while the US’s concentration is around Syria and North Korea largely focused on defending economic centers vital to globalization of the global economy under blurring national security with national interests central to the present path trend.

3). When push comes to shove the main reasons Trump was elected:
-The economy isn’t actually going to grow until capital structure is prioritized, and it’s not in an agricultural-consumerist-service beneficiaries interests to allow it to be prioritized. It’s DOA simply based revitalizing it will require streamlining capital structure centered start-ups.
-Guilty Until Proven Innocent compliments expansionist foreign policy; the two are two peas and a pod.
-The path trend would either be halted via Wrecking Ball or at least stalemated, and this is evidently not going to happen.

While various individuals will undoubtedly look at other issues, the problem there is it’s outside policy structure and catalysts that are much more important.

4). It seems many elected and appointed Republicans would prefer Pence for President.

If Liberal/Progressive Democrat, 5). As long as DNC doesn’t pull the stupid crap, they did with Clinton; Pence lacks the support outside solid red-states. Pence would automatically lose the protest vote. Why not let Republicans’ factions figuratively nuke their wedge issues into full blown fissures? The only thing relatively keeping their factions together is promoting Republicans hate Democrats coupled with Democrats hate Republicans.


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