Trump-Russia Collusion Part 2

Part 1 can be found here in summary

Here’s the ending for those who don’t want to read the whole post:

So, what is the basis behind Trump-Russia collusion thus far:
First and probably foremost, this sets the stage for the argument Trump couldn’t have won the 2016 election cycle without Russian collusion and interference.
Second, the situation largely evolves around Ukraine, Syria, and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). Note, this stems in attacking Trump’s 2016 campaign opposed to globalization as NAFTA and TPP, NATO being outdated, Ukraine and Syria non-interventionism or otherwise focus against ISIS and Al Qaeda particularly in the Syrian civil war, and ultimately the Paris Accord that limits supply to demand of energy sources.
Third, Trump-Russia collusion also requires taking a far less diplomatic stance with Russia.

So, lets take a second look at the Hypothetical in Part 1 hyperlink

What if there were a conspiracy?

This “if” has got to be specified very precisely. The question is not whether Trump obstructed justice, or is guilty of tax evasion, or has violated the Emoluments Clause or done any other act justifying impeachment. The “if” here is quite specific: It relates explicitly to the validity of the election. The question I’m asking here is what should happen if Trump conspired with a foreign government to get elected? If he did that, then what should happen.

If that is shown, then the first step is obvious. Trump should resign or, if he doesn’t, he should be impeached.

The second step should be obvious as well: Pence should resign or, if he doesn’t, he should be impeached. He benefited from the criminal (and treasonous) conspiracy just as much as Trump. He shouldn’t benefit even more by becoming the residual President.

Under the law as it is, this leaves Paul Ryan as President. And the hard moral question that Ryan would then face is whether he should remain as President. By hypothesis, we’re assuming the office was effectively stolen from the legitimate winner by a criminal and treasonous act of the (previous) leader of Ryan’s own party. Ryan’s being President is just the fruit of that poisonous tree. So should he just ignore that? Or should he acknowledge the wrong, and act to make it right?

Fixing it, politically

But that doesn’t mean this crime couldn’t be fixed politically. And recognizing just how it could is something we should be talking about right now.

President Ryan would have the right to nominate a Vice-President. That right is specified in the 25th Amendment. That nominee then becomes Vice-President once confirmed by a majority of both houses. That’s how Gerald Ford became Vice President. And that’s how he eventually became President without ever running for that office.

If Ryan became President because the Trump/Pence campaign committed treason, who should he nominate as his Vice President? The answer seems unavoidable: He should nominate the person defeated by the treason of his own party, and then step aside, and let her become the President.

Of course, this is the sort of thing that’s unimaginable in Washington today. But that’s why we need to start imagining it, now. The nation won’t have months to deliberate the matter in the urgency of a treason-driven impeachment. It’s the sort of truth we should have resolved to long before it is needed.

The author’s hypothetical ignores or omits several factors:

First and most critically, when national leaders call out an act of war, there’s no substitute to requiring to follow through with a declaration of war. No matter how you cut the Clinton-Russia or Trump-Russia collusion would require following through with a declaration of war against Russia.

Second and just as critical, if you study diplomatic history, present military positioning, and economic and military pacts, Russia wants nothing less than a declaration of war. This is a diplomatic catch-22. I forget the king’s name and nation, but “the King was doomed if the heads rolled, and he was doomed if the heads didn’t roll”. This is the geopolitical dynamics the US finds itself in.

For example, Russia’s largest buildup that gets the most attention is near Ukraine, and its operations in Syria while it’s second largest buildup is in the Arctic near the Bering Strait (That’d be near Alaska) and third largest in Cuba. Their logistical-aerial support are the origins of the Alaskan, Gulf of Mexico, and Atlantic coast aerial incursions. Now, unless the check was deemed classified, there is no public disclosure of countering either Russia’s second or third largest military buildups. Now, lets look at military pacts. This includes China, Iran, Syria, Pakistan, North Korea, Venezuela, Argentina, and Cuba who also has a military pact with Venezuela. China also possesses military pacts with Iran, Syria, Pakistan, North Korea, Argentina, Cuba, and Venezuela who Chin included enabling the installation to become fully operational between 2016 and end of 2017 of deploying tactical nuclear warheads in Venezuela.

The counters are either classified, or there is no counters in place. According to the War College War-Game Scenarios citing the US military’s unconventional warfare focus against Russia, against China, and against a Russo-Sino pact is a lose-lose proposition. Based on the available information, this means the calling out an act of war is beyond stupid.

Now, lets look at the basic premise of the hypothetical of collusion with a foreign agent or power:

1). This requires any collusion with a foreign agent or foreign power; the fact the foreign agent or power is by treaty an ally is irrelevant.

In this particular case, does Britain carry Britain’s interests or the US’s? As a general rule of thumb, even puppet or satellite States carry out their own interests to state otherwise requires deeming the puppet, satellite, or allied foreign power UNDER United States OCCUPATION. This means that they are not foreign agents or powers; they serve under United States’ authorities, legislation, and etc with no representation in the US and merely the ability to plea their case. This is why Puerto Rico voted to become the 51st US State.

The candidate’s campaign proven guilty beyond all reasonable doubt should be eligible to impeachment, and this includes the Vice President.

2). The candidate not the Political Party is disqualified. This means that it should follow the chain of succession in no different manner to the President and/or Vice President being removed by impeachment or the 25th Amendment.

Now, how could we stop future occurrences:

1). The election process cannot be performed in a manner that is vulnerable to Cyberwarfare. This means broadband-Wifi voting machines must be scrubbed as inherently vulnerable to hacking.

2). The Election Process must also be secured from Espionage’s strategic infiltration and subversion. Can’t have foreign agents who have infiltrated the US to influence or interfere in US elections or sabotage the US’s ability to defend its borders and territorial waters.

3). The Monroe Doctrine is required to be revived.

In very simple terms, this means both Trump-Pence and Clinton-Kaine would be disqualified leaving the Presidency to the chain of succession.


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