House Resolution 901

It seems that the McCain-Trump Administration controversy has gotten to the point that there’s actually an Resolution to demand an public apology.

GOP Rep. Walter Jones (N.C.) on Thursday introduced legislation that would instruct the House to call on the White House to formally apologize for a staffer’s “insensitive comments” that Sen. John McCain‘s (R-Ariz.) opinion on a nominee was irrelevant because he is “dying anyway.”

“Whereas every family deserves dignity and respect in the trying times of a loved one’s declining health; Whereas our religious and social traditions call upon us to apologize for wrongdoing,” states the Jones resolution, which was obtained by The Hill.

Spare me, the appeals of emotions, morality, and so-called traditions.

The basis of the US Constitution grants rights means the government grants privileges that can be revoked in the same manner the interpretation of the Supremacy Clause meaning Federal/central government dictates trump State government’s is the determination the populace of that government’s nation is human capital and resources or otherwise governmental property.

Now, unless you’re claiming ownership of an individual or group of individuals, you cannot argue that it is “dignity, social tradition, or otherwise” to compel another individual to submit and obey another’s dictates, and here we have in writing a Resolution who cannot be defined in any other manner than an infringement of the Bill of Rights period.

The entire premise of property rights is that they are extensions of an ownership of an individual’s ownership of their own body that mandates compensation of labor and enabled to invest or mal-invest as they deem fit. How hard is that concept to grasp? Apparently, Republican Walter Jones and Democrat Emanuel Cleaver (co-sponsor) have difficulty understanding this rather simple concept.



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