The Arabian Alliance…

President Trump’s plan to gather Arab Gulf leaders in Washington for an October summit to create a military alliance against Iran has stirred optimism, curiosity and outrage on the world stage of opinion this week.

Already exists, it’s called the Arabian Alliance led by Saudi Arabia who uses OPEC members of the Alliance to leverage US foreign policy in the Middle East. It’s existed for decades and began forming after the 1970s Oil Embargo.

“Without belittling the Iranian expansionist moves in the region and its destabilizing policies and practices,” it states, “one wonders whether an Arab-based military alliance should be one-track minded and concentrate only on Iran, when there are many other enemies to the Arab order, on the top which is, of course, Israel.”

To be precise, the Arabian Alliance ambition’s is regional dominance of the Middle East and considers Israel, Iran, and Syria to be dismantled/regime changed to acquire Arabian Alliance dominance of the Middle East.

This is why Russia and China have military pacts with both Syria and Iran who have a mutual defense pact. What people don’t realize is the Iranian-Syrian mutual defense pact means is Iran would not be pincer maneuvered from the west but the east instead, but China blocked it during Obama’s administration that the Bin Laden raid in Pakistan had garnered calls for regime change in Pakistan with China stating an attack on Pakistan would be considered an attack on China.

This is not a new situation; it’s been building for decades.


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