About (Please Read First)

Rewrite/Update 5/18/17 (typo corrections I overlooked)

Welcome to The Problematic My 2 Cents,

This blog enables me to write my viewpoint that offers discussion. I find history, world history, civilization, diplomatic history, politics, geopolitics, earth sciences, and domestic and international balance of power via political ideologies fascinating.

I only participate in discussions even when the discussion topic is in disagreement. What this means is, the individual conducts their own research-due diligence; this bypasses debates that descends into attacking the source/author of a given reference.
It is very consistent with the viewpoint an individual persuades themselves utilizing their own methodology utilized in rationalizing their conclusion, which I’m no exception to. I attempt to mitigate this by treating my viewpoint as a hypothesis requiring repeated experimentation to determine its validity. Other blog posters are free to link an article I posted; provided, the link to the original post is provided in the article.

Politically, I am a bit of a paradox as my right-wing friends consider me left-wing, and my left-wing friends consider me right-wing while my oldest friends consider me in a category of my own. So, if you find this blog a bit of a paradox, it won’t be a surprise.

I am not a web designer or programmer, so this blog will appear generic unless one of my Computer savvy friends lends me a hand.

Comment filters presently limit between 1-2 links. No comments related to ‘profitable business’ will be approved. I’d suggested using quotations of the post being commented on that you’re responding to. Some comments that wind up in my comments spam on one hand seem like a comment but on the other hand not exactly sure how some of them relates to the post being commented upon.
It’s pretty simple; this is a free blog that WordPress determines the advertising here. This blog is not associated with ‘popularity’ or ‘advertisement clicks’ in the slightest.
Comments should state a position and why. Such as if the topic was religion writing ‘There is no God’ won’t be approved. ‘There is no God because of the suffering and misery that has been allowed to occur’ would as it states the position and why.

Blog posts have a nasty habit of wrecking havoc on mechanics. Please expect:
—— 1 Idea
Note double space
—– 2 Idea



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