House Resolution 901

It seems that the McCain-Trump Administration controversy has gotten to the point that there’s actually an Resolution to demand an public apology. GOP Rep. Walter Jones (N.C.) on Thursday introduced legislation that would instruct the House to call on the White House to formally apologize for a staffer’s “insensitive comments” that Sen. John McCain‘s […]

Republican Civil War Part 3

To conclude this series in three parts, I’ll summarize it at the top, and I’ll explain a bit more thoroughly below it. The Republican Leadership also known as the Republican Establishment believes that under the concept of ‘severing the head the body will wither’ will enable Republican Leadership recompile Republican rank and file support factions […]

Republican Civil War Part 2

In Part 1, I summarized Republican’s Leadership and Establishment’s position as well as showed the mechanism of guilty until proven innocent-guilty by association was utilized in the same manner Baltimore PD used to shutdown the neighborhood an officer was shot utilizing accusation-association to sway public opinion, and I even showed how some alleged “Limited Government” […]

Republican Civil War Part 1 Revised

I haven’t posted in a while, and re-reading the original Republican Civil War Part 1 was rather confusing therefore requires a revisions to make it better structured and easier to understand. As I highlighted previously, the Republican Party isn’t of one mind and body. This dynamic is summarily examined here. To summarize Today’s Republicans’ leadership […]

Trump-Russia Collusion Part 2

Part 1 can be found here in summary Here’s the ending for those who don’t want to read the whole post: So, what is the basis behind Trump-Russia collusion thus far: First and probably foremost, this sets the stage for the argument Trump couldn’t have won the 2016 election cycle without Russian collusion and […]

Trump-Russia Collusion Part 1

Here are a few articles surrounding the Trump-Russo collusion topic. To encompass current events requires a second part. For over a year, the Hillary Clinton campaign, other Democrats and liberal pundits have pummeled President Trumpand his men with one main weapon: a dossier. Written by former British spy Christopher Steele, who was paid by […]

Response to the War Elephant Series

This is a response to War Elephant’s article series assessing and analyzing respectively the Alternative Right and Spencer’s Alt-Right. The series appears to be in this order: Lets begin with this article as it is largely the crux of the issues presented Around 2008 […]

Republicans’ Leadership Maneuvered Itself Into A Corner: Part 2

Part 1 covers predominantly the Republicans’ leadership maneuvering, and this one will focus more on its rationales that’s become very common among its intellectual arms such as the National Review. Recall, Republicans’ leadership, think-tanks, and intellectuals bank their assessments on statistics of Republicans hate Democrats and brackets their base support in fiscal conservatives, social conservatives, […]

The KKK’s Founding Interest

I find it astonishing and outright disconcerting that people in the modern era and the Information Age to boot are satisfied researching groups to being considered a “Hate Group” and seemingly stop there. Groups as the KKK in particular formed and remains intent on reforming the Confederate States of America by reviving the Confederate’s policies: […]

2018 & 2020 Assessment

2018 mid-term election cycle presently places Democrats at a disadvantage even if they shift Republican seats in Blue-States; they’re not going to win the majority until 2020. Therefore, if we’re going to evaluate political ideologies, 2018 is largely a skirmish that determines how intense the 2020 election cycle will be. The 2020 election cycle is […]