2018 & 2020 Assessment

2018 mid-term election cycle presently places Democrats at a disadvantage even if they shift Republican seats in Blue-States; they’re not going to win the majority until 2020. Therefore, if we’re going to evaluate political ideologies, 2018 is largely a skirmish that determines how intense the 2020 election cycle will be. The 2020 election cycle is […]

Rewrite: Republican Party Heading For Implosion

Today’s Republicans’ leadership are made up of Bush Republicanism, Neocons, and Social Conservative proponents who makeup the Progressive Republican wing of the Republican Party. To attempt unifying the Republican Party’s base support factions, they broaden their appeal through bracketing Republican Party’s support into three primary brackets being conservatives (fiscal conservatives), social conservatives (Bible Belt), and […]

What Diplomatic Solutions?

There’s two requirements for diplomatic solutions short of seeking an unconditional surrender that requires military solutions to geopolitical issues: 1). Each Party of the diplomatic negotiations meet as equals regardless of what is effectively considered ‘paper strength’ (paper strength is overall measurements of economics like GDP, military strength, and etc). The CIA Fact-Book estimates falls […]

More Political Maneuvering-Expediency

Domestic Balance of Power among political ideologies continues: The Republican side: http://thehill.com/homenews/campaign/345656-the-five-kinds-of-republicans-who-could-primary-trump The blunt-talking commander in chief remains popular among Republican voters, and GOP leaders and conservatives on Capitol Hill have largely stood by their controversial standard bearer. Doubtful. http://thehill.com/homenews/campaign/345662-the-memo-signs-of-trouble-emerge-in-trumps-base On Monday evening, a new CNN poll put his job approval rating at 38 percent. […]

National Review May Want To Conduct Re-Evaluations

Today, I cam across an article written by David French titled “Don’t Let The Left Define Conservative Opposition To Trump”. http://www.nationalreview.com/article/450057/conservatives-oppose-trump-maintaining-values-virtue Whenever a conservative criticizes Donald Trump — or even attacks the GOP for enabling his rise — some on the left will respond, “Well, if you really opposed him, you’d oppose his agenda.” Just […]

Reasons Why Trump Should Resign

In my viewpoint, Trump should resign: 1). Trump violated Responsibility to Protect that mandates aid provided is provided to the Established Government unless an alternative established government is created. The purpose behind RTP is to prevent extended Revolutionary or Civil War as Ukraine, Syria, and etc. 2). Trump-Russia Collusion-Interference most dangerous aspect isn’t the truly […]

2016 Election Cycle Summed Up: Bernie Sanders

This post focuses mainly on a few articles that I’ve read today, and they largely scream ‘I don’t understand [WTF] happened!’. http://www.nationalreview.com/article/449974/donald-trump-diminishing-presidency-good Fortunately, today’s president is so innocent of information that Congress cannot continue deferring to executive policymaking. And because this president has neither a history of party identification nor an understanding of reciprocal loyalty, […]

The Williamson Doctrine

In relation to Foxconn announcing its intent to open a android, iphone, and etc tech giant centered manufactured-production plant in southeast Wisconsin, it would seem that Trump has opted to advocate the Williamson Doctrine. http://www.nationalreview.com/article/449918/trump-upstate-new-yorkers-should-move-jobs Mr. MAGA comes around to the Williamson Plan. President Trump has embraced the Williamson Doctrine, the Gospel of U-Haul, the […]

President Pence Revisted

If Democrats and Republicans really wanted to show their constituents regardless which party they support including Independent Parties such as the Libertarian Party, they would pursue Trump, Obama, H Clinton, Kerry, HW Bush, W. Bush, Cheney, and etc Democrat and Republican career officials for violating Responsibility to Protect that makes not aiding the established government […]

Republicans’ Leadership Political Expediency

It would seem Republicans’ leadership political maneuvering for political expediency continues: http://www.nationalreview.com/article/449644/donald-trump-character-flaws-supporters-russia-collusion-investigation He’s not the engine but the hood ornament for a movement that now feels liberated from traditional rules of decent behavior. During the campaign, conservatives said they were embracing Donald Trump despite his character. They were willing to overlook his flaws in order […]