Democrat Leadership And Republican Leadership Dilemmas

To be blunt, after additional thought and additional information capable of being added, it strikes me as prudent to rewrite the entire post and restructure it. Recall, the Democratic and Republican Parties are designed Top-Down and Bottom-Up, so they are institutionally accustomed traditionally being able to influence or otherwise compel their rank and file base […]

Tax Reform Shouldn’t Surprise Anyone

I’ve already touched on this issue in several ways. (link not inserted) the economy is based on an Agricultural-Consumerist-Service economy, so it’s not in governmental fiefdoms, public-private partnerships, and aspiring public-private mergers to promote raising the debt ceiling to prioritize capital structure in the budget. It will promote the Agricultural-Consumerist-Service economy that caters to […]

Progressive Democrats and Republicans Political Maneuvering for Political Expediency Part 4

This series seems to require a fourth installment even though I prefer to keep series to no more than three. First, Progressives are just Bismarkianists who follow Bismarkianism re-imaged to Progressivisim. Bismarkianism is a political ideology who strives and aspires for Absolute Authority, and Absolute Authority is parallel to an Absolute Monarchy of old. If […]

Progressive Democrats and Republicans Political Maneuvering for Political Expediency Part 3

  I had stated previously that I would address research paper’s proposed solutions in a latter article just not quite in the way; I was planning. Ever heard the adage ‘plans rarely survive the first engagement’?; the adage seems pretty apt here. America 2050 is Regional Plan Association’s national infrastructure planning and […]

Progressive Democrats and Republicans Political Maneuvering for Political Expediency Part 2

  I am compelled to admit that I miscalculated; Trump using the threat of governmental shutdown to move Progressive center/moderate. The measure will keep the government open through May 5 and give lawmakers more time to reach a larger agreement on an omnibus bill that would include funding for the rest of the fiscal […]

Progressive Democrats and Republicans Political Maneuvering for Political Expediency Part 1

I’d expect a government shutdown, and the Office Management and Budget (OMB) will as history indicates make the shutdown as painful to the populace as possible. It’s pretty simple. If the US GDP bubble cannot be sustained without first and foremost promoting the sole superpower status is sole power status to maintain the US Dollar […]

Trump’s support base should abandon him

First, it is very important to understand the function of national parties as the Democrats and Republicans. These are organizations who candidates affiliate with whose financial fundraising is utilized cross wards, districts, counties, and states. This enables Democrats and Republicans who date to the Democratic-Republican Party that decoupled as a result of Andrew Jackson’s election […]

What Might World War III look like? Part 3

Parts 1 and 2 can be found here and here, this post will center on the nitty gritty and attempt to examine BRICS namely Russian, Chinese, and Iranian likely response. First, we have to acknowledge Russia is a defacto two continent conventional warfare power stretching from Europe to Asia whose economic and military alliances stretches into […]

How Might World War III Look Like? Part 2

In Part 1, I highlighted the history leading towards the Post World War II Era, and I ended it in stating the US is not the world’s superpower any longer. In this part, I’ll try to help explain the present dynamics although there’s simply no way to do such exhaustively. In short, the US conducted […]

How might World War III look like? Part 1

Present domestic and international affairs put me in mind of these adages: ‘It’s easier to beg forgiveness than get permission’, ‘never let a crisis go to waste’, and ‘those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it’… In short, I’m waiting for the Self-Fulfilling Prophecy feedback cycle to catalyze into World War […]